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if(perfrate < 99) ImprovePerf()

So recently I’ve felt a need to move away from Blueprint and work more on my C++ skills. Not only for portfolio reasons, but also to get more performance out of my games and future projects. I think Blueprint is great for the purpose it serves but for me, there’s no better way to learn then by practicing a new skill.


I’ve read posts from fellow developers who’ve only used code to make their games and don’t rely on high level programming or detest using public variables or references and keeping things protected or private. And I’m sure that works for them, but what about when you’re prototyping or debugging a piece of code? Don’t you think that something like Blueprint would help cut down on the time it takes to get something functional and reliable? And what about less programming savvy members on your team like designers or artists? They should be able to understand what a function does if/when it could affect them and having to dig through code may be difficult for them.


This is probably the most time consuming part of a developer aside from putting the original code in place the first time. When I was working on The Breach, one of my classmates would mark variables as private, compile, test, modify the numbers, recompile and retest. The cycle would continue and I shared with him my method for testing. And while he agreed with me that my method would be quicker, he preferred doing it his way as it had become ingrained in him from what he learned in class. It bothered me whenever I assisted him with problem solving and we’d often be sitting around waiting for the compiler to finish but it was more meaningful that our changes were successful.


So does it really matter how a programmer’s workflow is executed? Yes. Even the slightest change could knock the whole project off course (another thing I learned from experience). It’s important that the engineers and programmers on a project use similar methodolgy with their work to ensure the benefit of the project and the team as a whole.