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Every week I talk about progress on my personal projects, what else I’m currently working on that’s not immediately gaming related as well as big tech news.

So there’s a bit of a delay...

Hi there everyone,

Bit of a preamble

Recently, I’ve been working on making improvements to the performance of Hell’s Asylum. As the levels, AI, and general development get more complex, I’m making it my goal to get as much performance out of the code as possible while also making it easy to modify and make updates when necessary based on bug testing and feedback.

Where it broke

Specifically, I was working on moving a set of variables related to a character’s stats from being separate to being within a container variable known as a struct. This struct holds all of the variables necessary for a character (be it the player character or an NPC) to take/regain health. And having moved all of that data to somewhere new, it broke all of my pre-existing programming related to the variables when they were separate. I expected this, having done this before with the weapons in the game, but this time I wasn’t able to open up the part of the Unreal editor where I can visually script modifications.

My difficult choice

I tried everything I could think of that would normally fix this error. Unfortunately, nothing worked and I was faced with a difficult decision. Either I revert to an older version of the project, add back my code changes and try again, or I take my code and assets to a new project and start fresh. And I decided to start over, same programming, but all new maps, all new UI elements and soon, new AI. 


So there's going to be a delay in updates for a while until I can get everything back up to where it was before: Main Menu, maps, AI and everything else. I hope that this will lead to better improvements down the line.


Brandon "Eddie" Jones