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A Long needed Break

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the very long delay between posts. I’ve been hard at work on my Final Project at Full Sail, The Breach. And after a long four months and being able to walk across a stage for a second time, I’ve had some time for a very well-deserved rest and recuperating from 2 years of constant work. However, I haven’t been on a long snooze as I’m now sharpening my skills and working on getting my name out there!

What I’ve found while not under pressure is that there’s now more time to experiment and try new things. Working on The Breach my scope of work gradually shifted from having a hand in everything, to focusing on the audio system. Now that our development cycle is complete, I can bring some of the lessons learned to my project, Aragon: Hell’s Asylum as well as other ventures. And one of those ventures, I’d love to tell you more about.

You see, in the Spring of this year I had a month long assignment to build a game based around the theme of The End is the Beginning, and having to work solo, I struggled to find a concept that would satisfy this requirement as well as being creatively engaging as well. One day I woke up from a dream of being a celebrity who cleaned up their image and now works as a philanthropist bringing good to those who needed it, and therein lies the Cycle of You!

Cycle of You is a immersive sim game where you play as a celebrity who has a pretty big impact when it comes to social change. One day, you are rehearsing for a public speech on… Well, whatever you want it to be, I try not to set in stone what the game is about so that players can create their own story. When you wake up the next day, you find an angry mob outside your home, being contained by security and wall to wall coverage of bad press. It is up to you to regain your fame and bring good to the world before your potential impact fades to obscurity.

I will be writing weekly posts (now that I no longer have homework due anytime soon) on my current work progress, or anything going on in the tech world I find noteworthy to discuss.

See you all next week!

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