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Every week I talk about progress on my personal projects, what else I’m currently working on that’s not immediately gaming related as well as big tech news.

if(perfrate < 99) ImprovePerf()

So recently I’ve felt a need to move away from Blueprint and work more on my C++ skills. Not only for portfolio reasons, but also to get more performance out of my games and future projects. I think Blueprint is great for the purpose it serves but for me, there’s no better way to learn then by practicing a new skill.

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So there’s a bit of a delay...

Recently, I’ve been working on making improvements to the performance of Hell’s Asylum. As the levels, AI, and general development get more complex, I’m making it my goal to get as much performance out of the code as possible while also making it easy to modify and make updates when necessary based on bug testing and feedback.

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A Long needed Break

Now that our development cycle is complete, I can bring some of the lessons learned to my project, Aragon: Hell’s Asylum as well as other ventures. And one of those ventures, I’d love to tell you more about.

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